video | Languages of the Caucasus’ People

  • The first issue of the graphic dictionary and phrasebook in the framework of the project "Languages of the Caucasus' people".

    From it, you will learn which peoples speak the languages of the Abkhaz-Circassian (Adyghe) group, which main dialects exist within it. Colorful infographics will tell you about the number of speakers of these languages in Russia and in the world. Further, in the dictionary, you will see the spelling and hear the voice acting by native speakers of 200 words and 30 phrases in all the languages and dialects listed. In addition, in the issue, you will hear the sound of the Ubykh language that disappeared in 1992, as well as the sound of the reconstructed Pre-Circassian language.
    Enjoy watching!

    Languages of the Caucasus' People is a project dedicated to the year 2019, declared by the United Nations as the year of the languages of the indigenous peoples of the world.

    The Caucasus is a unique region where dozens of unique human languages are woven together. Many of them have no related groups and are fragments of the languages of the most ancient inhabitants of Asia Minor and Europe, preserved in the Caucasian mountains in a unique form.

    Our task is to save the words of these languages ​​and share them with the world. In the series of graphical videos, supplemented with infographics, you will learn details about the languages ​​and language groups of the Caucasus, about the native speakers of these languages ​​- their number and places of residence, about the peculiarities of the history of peoples - native speakers of Caucasian languages.

    We have prepared for you 200 words and 30 colloquial phrases in the main languages ​​and dialects of the Caucasus' peoples, written and voiced by the people for whom they are native. We will accompany some videos with the information and sound of extinct and ancient forms of the Caucasian languages, thanks to the collaboration with linguists.

    Rare languages are like rare jewels and our joint task is to preserve the diversity of the culture of all mankind for future generations in the context of globalization and digitalization of the world. Listen, study, share with others. Let the ancient world of the Caucasus be revealed in the words of everyone!

  • Category: National Minority Languages
  • Thematic area: Language technologies and digital resources
  • Call topics: Social inclusion and solidarity (e.g. recognition of sign languages)
  • Major objective: Deliver capacities to take concrete actions and measures to support, access and promote indigenous languages
  • Area of intervention: Creation of favourable conditions for knowledge-sharing and dissemination of good practices with regard to indigenous languages