link | 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages: Australian Government Website

  • The Australian Government recognises the importance of our first cultures and languages and supports community driven initiatives that strengthen these connections. As part of the International Year of Indigenous Languages the website has become a national hub for the promotion of activities from around Australia, as well as being an interactive space to exchange stories, share information and demonstrate support.

    The Australian Government is encouraging a consistent approach to the promotion of the year. This work is being conducted in line with the UNESCO Action Plan for the year. The Australian Government Action Plan, available on the website, shows how the Australian Government is supporting the revitalisation and maintenance of, and access to, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages in 2019.

  • Category: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages
  • Thematic area: Promotion
  • Call topics: Mainstreaming across national development plans and language policies
  • Major objective: Deliver capacities to take concrete actions and measures to support, access and promote indigenous languages
  • Area of intervention: Creation of favourable conditions for knowledge-sharing and dissemination of good practices with regard to indigenous languages