link | Little Polyglot Adventures (Vol 1): Dylan’s Birthday Present – Maori Edition

  • Maori Edition.
    Dylan is an American boy like many others. One thing makes him special, though: his parents come from other countries and speak to him in different languages. It's his birthday today and he receives a very unusual present, only to lose it shortly after. Together with his best friend Emma, a sweet bilingual girl born to South African parents, Dylan sets out to find his lost birthday present. During their search, the two multilingual and multicultural friends learn about the value of friendship, of speaking different languages, and of appreciating one's own as well as others' cultural and linguistic background.

    While reading this book, kids will learn 6 words in different languages and will feel like little polyglots themselves!

    This is Vol.1 in the series “Little Polyglot Adventures” and it is also available in several other languages, including in bilingual versions.

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  • Major objective: Target steps to improve quiality of life, enhance international cooperation and reaffirm cultural linguistic continuity
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