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  • The loss of a language is a lot more than just the loss of words. It is also the loss of identity, spirituality, cultural knowledge and values.

    The Monash Country Lines Archive (MCLA) began in 2011 to work in partnership with Indigenous Australian communities in their language preservation. Working on the premise that Indigenous communities already have the infrastructure to continue and preserve their language through intergenerational learning, MCLA supports the existing system by using 3D animation as tools to reengage and revitalise interest in language continuation, by reconnecting language and its people, and to assist in the preservation of language.
    Language preservation by Indigenous communities also reinforces Indigenous rights in protecting their cultural and intellectual property, through the preservation and archiving of history, knowledge, songs, and performance contained within their language.

    Using the latest 3D animation technology, Indigenous stories and languages come to life – recording the past, preserving the present, and protecting Indigenous languages and knowledge into the future.

    Welcome to the Monash Country Lines Archive.

  • Category: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages
  • Thematic area: Cultural and Linguistic Continuity
  • Call topics: Intergenerational transmission
  • Major objective: Deliver capacities to take concrete actions and measures to support, access and promote indigenous languages
  • Area of intervention: Empower through capacity-building