link | State Library of Queensland “Word of the Week” Week Twenty.

  • As part of State Library’s commitment to the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages, we will be promoting a ‘word of the week’ from one of the 125+ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and dialects from across Queensland.
    State Library’s ‘word of the week’ for Week Twenty is goongoor [pronounced goong-oor with ‘ng’ being one sound], from the Guugu Yimithirr language of Hope Vale and surrounding region. It is the traditional name for the Old Cape Bedford Mission and coincides with Evacuation Day. Evacuation Day marks the time when the Aboriginal people of Cape Bedford Mission were forcibly removed to Woorabinda during WW2.

  • Category: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages
  • Thematic area: Promotion
  • Call topics: Intergenerational transmission
  • Major objective: Thematic areas: Promotion
  • Area of intervention: Increasing understanding, reconciliation and international cooperation