video | Tjwao my language

  • Tjwao is the language spoken by the Tjwa or San people in Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe, the Tjwa are non-Bantu speaking people of a very small community of about 3000 who live in the Bulilima, Plumtree and Tsholotsho Districts of Matabeleland South and North Provinces of Zimbabwe. In Tsholotsho they occupy Sanqinyana, Gxamadawu, Gariya, Sifulasengwe and Dombomasili; in Plumtree, Makhulela and Sabasi; where-as the smaller numbers in Bulilima (i.e. Plumtree) are found in Siwowo.

  • Category: Language
  • Thematic area: Cultural and Linguistic Continuity
  • Call topics: Environmental and language activism
  • Major objective: Thematic areas: Promotion
  • Area of intervention: Integration of indigenous languages into standard-setting