video | Write Our World – Multicultural Ebooks by Kids for Kids

  • Write Our World is a nonprofit organization based in the US that works to empower multilingual youth to embrace their languages and cultures while building skills for the future through ebook authoring. We host an interactive digital library of ebooks written and orally recorded bilingually by kids themselves. Authors develop skills in both their heritage language and English, thereby deepening their cultural pride and connection to family and community. Additionally, kids are able to create more reading material for each other in their heritage languages, to be accessed from anywhere in the world. We hope indigenous communities worldwide will take advantage of this resource!

  • Category: Online language resources
  • Thematic area: Education and literacy
  • Call topics: Youth engagement and digital activism
  • Major objective: Deliver capacities to take concrete actions and measures to support, access and promote indigenous languages
  • Area of intervention: Integration of indigenous languages into standard-setting