UNESCO Artists for Peace

Ms. Patricia Velasquez

The essence of cultural diversity is understanding and respecting the existence of other cultures. Our cultural backgrounds affect the way we think, act and feel. I am Venezuelan with indigenous Wayúu roots, I live between Los Angeles and New York and I travel globally for work. There are millions like me for whom cultural identity is complicated by globalization and enriched by diversity. Every day, I interact with people from different cultures and I realize that behaviors I consider normal might not be so for others. Thus, I value where others come from and the fact that we are all different.

Ms. Magaly Solier

Born in a Quechua family in the Huanta Province
Ayacucho region), Peru, Magaly Solier Romero worked in the fields with her parents and brothers. She started her singing career when she won a prize at the Ayacuchana Song Festival in 2003. A year later, she had her first acting role in the Peruvian movie, Madeinusa, directed by Claudia Llosa. Thanks to this first full-length feature film, she was doubly awarded “Best actress” in 2006: at the Cartagena de Indias Film Festival in Columbia and at the Montreal Ibero-Latino-American festival in Canada.