document | Make Your Own ‘Chatterbox’

A resource for school students to raise awareness of indigenous languages

  • This resource has been designed to raise awareness of indigenous languages specifically Ainu (of Japan) and Australian aboriginals. It has been designed as a lesson or series of lessons for educational use within a school environment.
    This resource includes a suggested lesson outline, links to images and documents, instructions for the design and the making of a 'chatterbox' (see cover pic) and other links to further information.
    This resources has been designed by an Australian teacher of Japanese within Australia and successfully delivered to hundreds of Primary School aged children.

  • Category: children
  • Thematic area: Language learning and teaching
  • Call topics: Environmental and language activism
  • Major objective: Deliver capacities to take concrete actions and measures to support, access and promote indigenous languages
  • Area of intervention: Growth and development through elaboration of new knowledge